Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What sank the 'Aquaman' TV series?

Arthur "Aquaman" Curry may be the King of the Seven Seas, but even he was a casualty of television network politics and profits. That's the message in an outstanding post by Michelle Ealey at sciencefiction.com

In short, the CW in 2006 ordered an "Aquaman" pilot starring Justin Hartley. Two of his co-stars were Ving Rhames and Lou Diamond Philips. The pilot was well-received.

And that was the end. Hartley went on to star as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on "Smallville." Rhames can be seen next in "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." Phillips had a run with "Stargate: Universe."

In her post, Ealey explains exactly what happened. It's worth checking out to learn a little about how things work - or don't work - in Hollywood.

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