Friday, August 31, 2012

Geek Movies From The Summer of 1982 - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

E.T The Extra Terrestrial was indeed the big money maker of the summer of 1982. E.T. was a movie with a PG rating and a family movie that everyone went to see over and over again.  In fact I know for a fact that my parents took me and my brothers to see this movie way back in 1982.  Yes it’s all coming back to me the Reeses Pieces, the tears, the bike flying and trying to do the same.

You should all know the story.  Kid befriends an alien.  Kid and alien bond and have a friendship.  Alien phones home. Kid helps alien to get back to his spaceship lots of tears at the farewell and alien heads home.  Well that is the abridge version as we can’t forget the government spying on them and trying to get E.T and making him almost die while the whole house is quarantined from space germs and such.

When I watched E.T again for the first time in like ages I watched it with my son to see what his reaction would be.  Since it is a family film the whole family watched it.   My son liked it and was sad at the appropriate part while my wife had the Kleenex box.  I on the other hand enjoyed watching my son’s reaction.

This Steven Spielberg film isn’t one that I like that much.  Well not true I do like it a little bit but it is more geared to children.  Unlike his other films that are more action packed like Raiders and Jaws this one is more of the heartwarming story.  I’m not saying it’s a bad film it is just not one I would normally watch over and over again.   But I did like the film mainly for the reason of being able to watch it with my son and not have to worry about other stuff.

While not one of my favorite movies E.t has a lot of neat stuff in the movie like the flying bikes, Reese pieces, trick or treating and E.T and Eliot’s bonding.  I liked how at times Spielberg used the child’s view a while filming.  It gave a good aspect of what E.T was experiencing and seemed to give a great aspect to the film.

While not one of the 1982 summer films that is high on my list of watching over again but it is a good film and a touching story that the whole family can enjoy and one that still survives the test of time also.

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