Friday, August 24, 2012

Stan Lee smashes The Hulk, predicts the future and remembers 'Insect Man'

A legendary one-two punch - Stan Lee and Spidey.

When it comes to comic book movies, it sometimes seems like we are living in Stan Lee's universe. The comics legend helped create Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor, to name just a few. And one of the small treats for seeing the Hollywood versions of the characters is that Lee usually has a cameo, including this summer's "The Avengers." But, as Lee recently told the audience at Fan Expo Canada, even he is not a big fan of some of the movies.

 "I would have liked the Hulk to be smaller in the first two movies, and I didn't like the way Doctor Doom was portrayed in 'Fantastic Four,' Now with Daredevil, they just wrote the whole thing wrong. They made him too tragic. That's not the way I wrote him. I think they're working on a new Daredevil movies and it will be better, so hold your judgment until then."

Lee also hinted about future film projects:

"Deadpool is such a popular character, I'd be surprised if he wasn't in his own movie in the near future, or introduced in another movie first. They're thinking about a Doctor Strange movie, a Black Panther movie, an Ant-Man movie -- there's just so many ideas in the works right now at Marvel!"
And he talked about a character that was an early idea for Spider-Man:
"When I created him, it was tough. We already had a Hulk, we already had the X-Men, we had the Fantastic Four, so I thought I'd go the insect route. But Insect-Man didn't sound right, and neither did Mosquito-Man. But then it came to me...Spider-Man! Happy 50th Spidey!"

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