Thursday, August 30, 2012

Remembering The Movies of 1982 - The Beastmaster by Dr. Shay Fabbro

A year of big hair, acid wash, Aqua Net, and blue eye shadow. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder serenaded us with “Ebony and Ivory” and Survivor rocked us with “Eye of the Tiger.

Yes, That is really me.
It was also the year of some damn good movies. It seems as though a gazillion movies came out in 1982. Some I’ve never even heard of but there are a plethora of films that I have not only seen but actually own copies of.

I actually remember the first time I saw The Beast Master. I remember it do vividly because it was the first sort of “grown-up” movie I got to see. I had gotten up to go pee and was sort of surprised that my mom was still awake that late. I peeked around the corner, rubbed my eyes and asked what she was watching. She looked up from her sewing and told me she was watching Beast Master. I shuffled into the living room and glanced at the TV. It was the part where the bird dudes were eating that poor soul.

I sat down and watched the rest of the movie. I kinda wished I could talk to animals and make friends with all sorts of wild beasts. Although I would choose a snow leopard, large bat, and perhaps a pika, just to be a bit different. Can you imagine someone trying to rob you and out jumps a snow leopard to chew their face off or your awesome bat friend infects him with rabies?

Okay, maybe the rabies thing is too far but the face-chewing is so on.


  1. Now I totally want to pop Beastmaster into the Blu-Ray :D

  2. Haha! I also saw Beast Master when I was young, and around the same time was starting to read Andre Norton. I have seen 5 of the 7 movies in your pic and own a few of them.