Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Doctor Who - 8th Doctor and 11th Doctor Comic Books Covers and Synopsis

Out today are two Doctor Who comic books one for the 8th Doctor and one for the 11th Doctor.  Fans of a certain Doctor Who Magazine comic book character will be happy to see him and his chainsaw sword return.

"I'M THE DOCTOR, AND I'D VERY MUCH LIKE TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN MY HOUSE..." Get ready for an all-new season of comics adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann in the Doctor Who movie, fan-favorite minisode Night of the Doctor... and over fourteen years (and counting!) of astounding Big Finish audio spectaculars!

Five amazing, interconnected new stories take the Doctor on a rollercoaster of threat and misadventure, as he investigates the mysteries surrounding his new companion Josie. Victorian magic shows, murderous trees, lost books, crystalline life-forms, barges in space crammed with the undead... and the grand journey all begins in a sleepy Welsh town... besieged by living paintings!

Buckle up for a wild ride that embraces all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Doctor's eighth incarnation!

• From George Mann, writer of the New York Times-bestselling Doctor Who novel Engines of War! • From Emma Vieceli, artist of Breaks, Alex Rider: Scorpia, Dead Boy Detectives, Vampire Academy, Manga Shakespeare, and more! • Launch cover by the incredible Alice X. Zhang!


The breathless chase through time and space continues, with the Doctor and Alice on the run over a crime committed by one of his previous incarnations! This issue - things get complicated, quick, as a chainsword-wielding freelancer boards the TARDIS. Is he friend, foe, or something even worse?! With only minutes left before the implant in Alice's head gives their location away to the transtemporal bounty hunters on their tail, the Doctor won't have time to weigh his options - and the consequences will be heavy!

Rob Williams Si Spurrier
Simon Fraser

Gary Caldwell

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