Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superman Set Photos Reveal No Red Trunks

The recent photo of Superman to have leaked onto the internet has revealed that the new Superman costume does not have the familiar red trunks.  My opinion I think it looks stupid but thats just me as I don't make movies or comics so I don't know what people want or what looks cool.  But I do know this.  Superman fans will be pissed off.


  1. no read underwear? At improv practice last night, two people did a scene about superman's wife putting out his clothes for the day and he was pissed that she messed with his costume - he was pissed at no red underwear then and he's pissed at it now!

  2. I'm a Superman fan and I'm not "pissed off". The red trunks had to go for a number of reasons. I actually think the costume looks better now without them.