Thursday, August 18, 2011

The return of Rick Deckard? Director Ridley Scott working on new 'Blade Runner' movie

Multiple media sources are reporting that director Ridley Scott is planning a new "Blade Runner" movie,

Jen Chaney of The Washington Post, among many others, reports that Scott will direct a continuation of the 1982 original that starred Harrison Ford as a replicant-hunter on a near-future Earth:
It’s not clear at this point whether the new film will be a prequel or a sequel, or how it will expand on the dystopian narrative originally laid out in a novel by Philip K. Dick. But Deadline’s story says it will not be a remake, which should be a relief to those who feel a sense of extreme loyalty to Rick Deckard, the “Blade Runner” protagonist played by Harrison Ford.
Scott currently is working on "Prometheus," a prequel to his classic "Alien" series. Has he run out of new ideas or will he be moving these stories forward? Time, not Internet rumors, will tell.

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