Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Want To See In The New DCnU

Here we are on the 31st of August and the new DCnU has debuted with Justice League # 1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  So I took the time and thought about it after doing some reading elsewhere about the same topic and came up with my own short list of what I would like to see in the new DCnU.

I would like to see stories that don't last to long
Maybe it's just me but when a story lasts longer than three issues I tend to get bored with it.  What I mean is the story isn't all that good after three issues the story seems to drag on forever and the conclusion  suffers because at that point I'm glad it's over.

I like to see more stories that are self contained to one issue
That would be refreshing.  To buy a comic book and have the whole story in one issue.  Like what i said above a lot of stories are multi issued stories.  So to have one story contained to one book would be refreshing from time to time. 

I would like to see more hero verse villain beat downs
Sometimes the easiest and less complex stories can be pretty entertaining.  Like a good old fashion battle.  Some of the best comics that I have read the past 30 + years have been the ones that were short on story and heavy on action.  Not all the time but every once in a while would be pretty awesome.

I would like stories to be more light hearted
To many books have been dealing with real life issues.  Well that's fine.  But we don't need to be doing that all the time.  For some of us we read comics as an escape from real life issues.  So to be reading that in the comics all the time can be a real drag.  it would be nice to keep things light hearted from time to time and not make things so serious.

I would like the books to be all age friendly
Lets face it.  Those who are reading comic books aren't getting younger and at least I haven't seen that many young kids in the stores that I have been in.  So maybe if DC catered to a younger crowed and got kids interested that would help a lot in comic book survival.  Plus if the books were geared to all ages and not super complicated as they have been maybe, just maybe kids will be interested again.

But mainly I want the books to be good.  Good art work and good stories within.  Plus I want them to show up on time.  But mainly I would like to see some of the past be acknowledged.  Well if anything for fans of DC Comics this is a pretty exciting time and hopefully this new reboot by DC will not suck and hopefully be fantastic.


  1. I like all your points, especially the one about having the story contained to one issue, mark of a good writer.