Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Space: 2099 - Moonbase Alpha's Legacy

Here is one fan's Space: 1999 website.  Eric has been working on modifying the series for many years now.  From adding new enhanced effects to re-editing existing episodes creating more continuity, his work has been very interesting and exciting.  His latest work involves a continuation of the series with the next generation of people from Moonbase Alpha.  The above photo is from his website which includes story and character info as well as some excellent concept photos including this one.

Juliet Landau is involved in the project (at least her likeness represents one of the characters of the show.)

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  1. I like the idea of a continuation of the series and always felt that the best way to "bring back" this series was to do a next generation type story as you wouldn't get back Landau or Bain for any project. I am not the biggest fan of altering the history of the show and changing things around to help with continuity and such but what Eric has done over the years is a fair and interesting alternative that I will continue to keep an eye on.