Saturday, February 11, 2012

Supernatural - The Slice Girls (Spoilers)

Dean has a fling with a girl he met at a bar. Okay, nothing unusual there but this time the woman becomes pregnant. Okay, still not unheard of. Well, this time the baby girl grows up to a teenager within a few short hours and Dean's life may be at risk because of it...


Don't do it Dean!!
Dean has gotten himself in a bunch of trouble with this one. A cult of Amazons (The kind that are strong women and not an internet company to order stuff) are breeding their next generation of kids. The rite of passage for these fast growing girls is to kill their biological father. Emma, the latest child seems to be troubled by this and appeals to her father's emotions. Could this be a trap to catch Dean unawares? You betcha. Of course Sam comes in to save the day and in a scene mirroring Dean's killing of Sam's friend, Amy earlier this season, Sam kills Emma. The irony is not lost on the two.

Daddy, why can't I borrow the car keys?
The story is pretty solid and steps further away from the whole “Dick” story. What is very interesting is Dean begins to suspect something else is going on with their papers being mysterious moved around and such. For the first time he suspects that the ghost of Bobby is with them. The fact that the start of each episode continues to show us scenes from Bobby's “final” episode supports that something is up with that.

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