Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arrow To Get Count Vertigo As A Villain But Not As You Think

TV Line is reporting that Arrow's big season one nemesis will be Count Vertigo but with a twist.  It appears that he won't be called Count Vertigo but instead he might have a different name while the drug he deals will be called Vertigo.  Things are looking really good with Arrow's rogue gallery so far as we've seen Deadshot, Deathstoke the Terminator and soon Firefly and and the Royal Flush gang.

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  1. So many characters from my comic book days are making their way into this show. I’m definitely looking forward to every one that comes to life on the CW, and Vertigo should make for a great villain for Queen to deal with, too. With so many strong scenes, I’m saving all of the premiere season to my DISH Hopper for any time that I’m feeling nostalgic. It’s nice to have a DVR with plenty of memory to let me save everything I want to during a busy TV season. Now I just need to convince a buddy that works with me at DISH to tune in—he’s still mad that Hartley didn’t land the role of Queen, after an impressive Smallville run.