Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Red Dwarf X Series roundup

Hands up who else is missing Red Dwarf already?

Considering some shows reprisals have been disastrous, the brave step taken to relaunch this much loved series was a gamble that's paid off. Having Doug Naylor at the helm has helped keep the shows originality and distinct style, without its characters and story lines becoming stale.

The format of having six standalone episodes was a nice way to introduce the show to a new audience and indeed, created new fans. I personally liked the fact they did have some subtle links to previous series and some faint story arcs within them. This may be a subtle way of encouraging newer fans to explore the older series plus keeping us older fans happy at the same time.

Having the focus on either Dave or Rimmer was the original format of the first few series which aided character development. This series goes to show its still a format that works well, especially when focusing on specific negative character traits and turning them into a parody. Something Grant Naylor does so well.

I also liked the way each episode wasn't inundated with extra, unnecessary characters. Having the 'Dwarf 4, plus one or two extra made these stand alone episodes less complicated as time wasn't wasted explaining multiple characters in the story, with more emphasis on the humour and main plot.

The humour hasn't changed at all, making it feel like meeting an old friend again. I know a few females who cannot stand the humour as they see it as very 'male' based. However, there are a few of us who do appreciate it for what it is; smegging brilliant! ;-)

"Where the smeg has Holly gone?"

One thing I missed the most and I'm sure I'm not alone with this; Holly. I'm not sure why Holly was completely omitted in this series, and I hope he/she returns in any future adventures. As much as I enjoyed the series on the whole, it didn't feel complete without the ships dotty computer.

So, all in all a fantastic return of the "Boys from the 'Dwarf". Looking forward to what lies ahead, and hopefully the return of Holly.

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