Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Latest Star Wars 7-9 Rumor - Darth Vader Returns!

It appears that the UK tabloid, "The Express", is stating that Disney is looking to bring back Darth Vader for the next series of movies and that he is an "integral part of the franchise."

It is probably a made up rumor and we will hear a million more before the next movie comes out but what if it is true?

I can see several possibilities.  One is that Darth Vader is back, resurrected somehow.  This is very bad as it would cheapen the Episodes 1-6.  Vader no longer exists and even if he had survived, Anakin returned to the good side of the Force.  So could Vader time travel?  Or is his return in the form of an evil ghost like figure haunting Luke?  Imagine a spirit world of deceased Jedi continually interacting with the living.

Another more realistic method would be someone else dons Darth Vader's costume and calls himself Darth Vader.  This other evil Jedi becomes Darth Vader II of sorts and becomes a new villain for the Jedi in the next batch of movies.  This seems to be the least objectionable way for him to return.  Luke knows it is not really Darth Vader but perhaps rumors of Vader still being alive are supported by someone else taking the part.  That way we see the return of Vader in a similar fashion than the many superheroes and villains who's identity is taken up by someone new. (Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Green Goblin, etc)

I don't have a problem with Vader returning as long as it is done imaginatively and not ruining the previous movies.  Still, moving on and dealing with new villains would be preferred.

By the way, there is no reason why Boba Fett could not return to the franchise in a similar fashion.  That would be another popular character that could redeem his short appearances in the previous movies.

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