Monday, July 18, 2011

Superman and Lois Lane divorced! Ma and Pa Kent dead! Stay tuned for more!

Big changes are coming for the Man of Steel.

As everyone knows by now, DC is relaunching its entire universe with new titles on Sept. 1. That includes The Big Man himself, in Action Comics #1 and Superman #1. Some of the changes, according to

  • Clark Kent and Lois Lane, married in the comics since 1996, are no longer a couple.
  • Ma and Pa Kent are dead.
  • A new costume.
  • A villain more powerful than Superman.
  • And maybe the biggest of all:
Additionally, Superman's alien origins will be emphasized in a big way, with the character described as "more Kal-El from the planet Krypton than Clark Kent from Kansas." Superman's deep connection to his Kryptonian heritage also explains his new costume, as seen on the cover of Superman #1. It's "ceremonial armor" from his home planet, with the traditional red trunks abandoned.
 Thanks to The Knights87 for the tip.

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