Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Upcoming Sci-Fi for 2011 - On The Radar

It is a bit too early to look at 2012 for movies because there is so much coming up this year.  I have included some lesser promoted projects as well as the big releases coming up this year.

Another Earth (July 22) – The power of trailers is at fault with this one. After seeing the trailer on this blog a few months ago I have placed this high on my list. This is more about a woman's troubles after a car accident. The approaching copy Earth may be more of a backdrop than anything. Perhaps this is a remake of sorts to Gerry Anderson's Journey tot he Far Side of the Sun...no? This will probably get a limited release and I may catch it on demand down the road.

Bellflower (July 22) -Another limited release. This movie is about a pair of friends preparing for the apocalypse by creating weapons and vehicles like the ones in the movie “Mad Max – The Road Warrior”. Not sure exactly what the point of this film is but it sort of tweaked my interest.

Cowboys and Aliens (July 29) – Despite little promotion.....just kidding, can't turn anywhere without seeing a commercial for this, Cowboys and Aliens could be enjoyable.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (August 5) – Lower on my list but I do want to see it. Should be relatively scary and a good update on the classic idea.

Fright Night (August 19) – I liked the original and this one looks to be a fair remake. Hopefully it lives up to the original with its tone and characters.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (August 26) – another remake and this one looks scary. It has been a while since I saw a scary movie in the theater and I would love to see this one own up to the task.

Apollo 18 (September 2) – one of my most anticipated movies left for this year. I love the idea of camera footage of a lost NASA mission to the moon. Hopefully it is semi realistic and scary!!

Real Steel (October 7) – Robot Boxing – what more could you ask for?

The Thing (October 14) – This is meant to be a prequel to one of the best horror movies of all time – John Carpenter's The Thing. I can't imagine it could come close to matching the level of intensity the first film had but we shall see.

11-11-11 (Not sure when this film comes out but I think its 11-11-11) – this horror movie about the apocalypse and prophecies may not be what I am looking for especially since it is directed by the guy who did the Saw films but I am fascinated by coincidences and theories around them.

The Adventures of Tin-Tin (December 23) – Because Steven Moffat is involved (he does good things when not producing Doctor Who) I will go see this one.

The Darkest Hour (December 23) – Not much is known about this film except there are aliens and so that is good enough for me.  Online there is a viral campaign going on that does not give too much away but looks very weird.

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