Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't hold your breath waiting for David Tennant to make 'Fright Night 2'

For his next illusion, Peter Vincent will try to make people forget "Fright Night.".
"Fright Night" seemed to have so many things going for it.

Colin Farrell as Jerry the vampire. Dr. Who's David Tennant as the vampire killer. Built-in name recognition from the 1985 original that starred Roddy McDowall and Chris Sarandon (who has a cameo in the new film). Oh, and the reviews were solid. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 74% approval rating.

Movie audiences, though, stayed away like the theaters were haunted. In its first two weeks, the film has brought in just $14 million, which Disney was hoping to make in the opening weekend alone. The only good news? The film cost just $30 million overall.

Don't expect a sequel or, much less likely, a Peter Vincent theme ride at Disneyland.

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