Monday, January 9, 2012

My Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies of all Time – #25

My Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies of all Time

by Ken Parker

If anyone followed my top Sci-Fi TV series of each decade article series, you may know that I put perhaps too much thought into coming up with these lists and like television, these rankings change constantly depending on how I am feeling at the time.

I elected to go after Sci-Fi movies only and not include Fantasy only because Fantasy opens so many avenues including most super hero movies and so forth. Obviously some of the movies listed here can be considered Fantasy but my goal is to keep movies that at least have some basis in science. The Lord of the Rings films, for example would dominate my Fantasy list and are not included here.

In judging this list I factored in the importance of the film in both film history as well as my own experience and perceptions. Star Wars had a huge influence on me and my interests and so I kept this in mind. There are probably a few films that you won't see on too many people's lists but for the most part these are very classic choices common on many lists.

Later I will also have some honorable mentions and discuss why some films are not on this list. Feel free to provide feedback and feel free to include more than “That movie sucks.”

Now for #25...

25 – THIS ISLAND EARTH (1955) – One of only a couple of the older films on my list, This Island Earth can be considered a guilty pleasure of sorts. It is considered a Sci-Fi classic but usually ranks well below many other films such as The Day The Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds (both of which, incidentally are NOT on my list!!)

The story summary (From IMDB) - Dr. Meacham is chosen along with others by the inhabitants of the planet Metaluna to do research that will help save their dying planet. However, an evil scheme is uncovered by the suspecting Dr. Meacham when he discovers the Metalunan's plan to take over Earth. Dr. Meacham then escapes an exploding Metalunan built Earth lab along with Dr. Adams only to be kidnapped while flying away in a small plane. A flying saucer wisks both the scientists off to Metaluna where they are held accountable for blowing up the Metalunan Earth lab during their escape.....

The alien plan.
The story includes an interesting mystery as Dr. Meacham is given instructions for an unknown device which is actually a test to see if the Metalunans can use him for their purposes. Later on we see that the planet Metaluna is in ruin and under constant attack by an enemy.

Love, exciting and new!
In a way, this movie has two parts to it. The first part slowly introduces the alien presence while the second has the humans up against the Metalunans and all sorts of dangers.

Bring on the nightmares!!
You will soon find out by reading my rankings that I love visuals and special effects and this film had outstanding work on it. The vivid colors and incredible effects seem to even stand up today. The Metaluna Mutant, a staple monster in Sci-Fi was perfectly conceived. Alas, these moments in the film are short lived as much of it takes place on Earth. One has to wait a bit before the eye candy is available.

Beautiful special effects
It is a movie that is dated and the acting can be a bit odd but the film gets high marks on effects and story alone. The film did feature in Mysterious Science Theater 3000's theatrical movie

I have to admit that I have not seen this film in many years but it has such an impact on me as an impressionable teenager that it became one of my favorites and has never left that rank.

First time I saw the movie – late night on TV – was scared of the Mutant!!
How Many Times have I seen it – Probably 4-5
Do I have a copy of DVD/Blu-Ray – actually, no.



  1. Never saw the movie. After reading your article about it I am tempted to search it out and watch it.

  2. I was a big fan of MST3K and have only seen this film in their film making fun of it. It was good source material but it also seemed like a decent movie considering the year it was made. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the MST3K people were actually fans of the movie and that is why they chose it.

  3. I just realized the irony that I mentioned The Day the Earth Stood Still as not being on my list and yet I included Gort in the current banner artwork.

  4. Um, I made a slight edit..... Now it is my top 25 list because of a few omissions I feel must be included.