Sunday, January 29, 2012

Supernatural – Adventures in Babysitting (Spoilers)

I apologize for the lateness of the latest Supernatural reviews.

Dealing with Bobby's death, the Winchester boys tackle a new job, one that teams Dean up with a young girl in search for her hunter father.  Can Dean handle this child while dealing with losing a father figure?

Worse ways to die I suppose...
It appears Bobby is indeed dead and the Winchester boys are severely depressed.  They are out of sorts - Dean can't keep track of his drinking thinking he had a full beer when he didn't (This means something!).  A missing hunter leads Sam to a couple of monster chicks who are luring men into their lairs and slowly draining their life force.  Sam gets caught and now Dean must team up with Krissy, the missing hunter's daughter who knows a thing or two about hunting.  Dean struggles with the idea that this event may turn Krissy into the hunter that Dean and Sam became.  Wanting the girl to keep out of the "business" and go to school etc, Dean tries to handle things himself but in the end needs her help.
The next generation of hunter?

The relationship between Dean and Krissy is the highlight of the story with actress Madison Mclaughlin doing a great job as the tough and smart girl.  Dean sees the girl's decision to "make something of her life" or become a hunter a familiar scenario that Sam went through.  Being guilty of dragging Sam back into the hunter world, Dean means to keep young Krissy out of it.

Did you drink my beer?
The story keeps the Leviathan story progressing a bit with the investigation of the head Leviathan, Dick Roman.  The reveal that Bobby did indeed die and months have passed may be a bit anti climatic but with all the stuff we know in the Supernatural universe, one has to believe there is more to Bobby's story.

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