Monday, January 2, 2012

Sherlock "A Scandal In Belgravia" Review (Spoilers)

A Scandal In Belgravia
By Steven Moffat

"I always hear punch me in the face when your speaking but it's usually subtext ."

The much awaited return of Sherlock is finally here and finally a resolution to that cliffhanger. It has been a good year plus since it was last on and will the same chemistry still be there and will the stories be just as amazing as series 1.  Well with "A Scandal in Belgravia" Steven Moffat

brings Irene Adler to the Sherlock universe and gives her a modern day twist.  Irene Adler is a Dominatrix who appears to have some photos of lets just say an "Illustrious Client" who just wants them back.  Can't imagine why? Snicker Snicker.  So Mycroft, again played brilliantly by Sherlock Co Creator Mark Gatiss,  and a representative of a Royal ask Holmes and Watson to get the pictures back from her.  Well there seems to be some complications behind all this as it appears that some CIA operatives want her cell phone also which the pictures seem to be in.  Plus how does Jim Moriarty figure in all this.  

A Scandal in Belgravia was pretty good as you are captivated by what is going on from the opening pre titled sequence that resolves the cliff hanger, in a pretty good comical way, to the end of the story that stays true to the original prose (OK somewhat). I'm not exaggerating here.  Steven Moffat delivers the goods in "A Scandal in Belgravia" and really captures the essence of Sherlock Holmes that it is hard not  to believe that these stories couldn't exist in modern times.   A Scandal in Belgravia really captures the feel of the original story it was based on.  In A Scandal in Bohemia Irene Adler captures the heart of Sherlock Holmes.  She has been known as the woman to outwit Sherlock Holmes and in essence escape from him and never to return.  But in this story Irene Adler does still capture his heart but Sherlock wins the day albeit in defeat also.  That's probably the main reason I like this story so much as it turns out that Irene Adler plays the two Holmes brothers for fools as she tricks them into giving up a secret British and American anti terror scheme that would have saved the life's of hundreds. 

A Scandal in Belgravia was filled with lots of swerves and  twists that kept you guessing.  That's what I like in my mysteries lots of stuff thrown in to keep you guessing and make you think and Steven Moffat does an excellent job of doing that with this story.  Plus A Scandal in Belgravia has a good amount of humor that was a staple of the last series and I'm glad to see continue in this series.  For example during the resolution of the cliff hanger we find out that Moriarty has the Bee Gees song "Staying Alive" as his ring tone.  Some might find it silly but I thought that was brilliant as it was a pretty good theme for Holmes and Watson to start of with. 

We also see more of development into Holmes character also.  For instance we see him humbled and embarrassed at a Christmas get together with his friends as he inexcusably rips into Molly.  He finds out that she likes him and gets him a special present which makes him apologize.  It is stuff like this that makes this show great as Sherlock also explores the man and what makes him tick plus adding new facets to the character.  One of the best things is seeing Holmes baffled and uncomfortable.  When I say uncomfortable it's more like outside of his element as he is baffled by Irene Adler and the feelings he has for her.  Not as a sexual feeling but more of an intellectual equal.  Seeing him pushed mentally was one of the better highlights of this story.

There wasn't much wrong with A Scandal in Belgravia as I thought this story was pretty strong.  Some might argue that the resolution to the cliffhanger was a tad week but in the overall picture it worked out pretty good.  Considering it was Irene Adler phone call to Moriarty that ended up saving them.  Plus it also worked out that Sherlock was working for Moriarty.  In all a wonderful episode to start off the new series and one that had quite a few nods to the works of Conan Doyle with my favorite "The Geek Interperter' about comic book heroes coming to life.  So roll on with the next one.
Grade A


  1. If only Doctor Who could be even half of how good this show is......

  2. Darn I was hoping for a serious comment. But your right though.

  3. I am being serious. It is obvious how good the writing is with Sherlock and when you compare it to Doctor Who it is embarrassing. Just a few tweaks and this can change.