Sunday, January 29, 2012

Supernatural – Time After Time After Time (Spoilers)

Sam and Dean are up against a new opponent but instead of just your everyday monster or demon, he is the God of Time.  Sent back in time to 1944, Dean attempts to stop the God with the help of Eliot Ness....


This story has Sam and Dean solving the problem from two different times.  Eliot Ness, turns out to be a hunter and Dean and Ness are hot on the trail of the God of Time, Chronos.  Sam teams up with Sheriff Jody in the present day.

Not the best episode of the season but yet again Dean is teamed up with a character of interest.  Nicholas Lea (The X-Files) does a pretty good job playing the part of Ness and the comparisons between a 40's hunter and present day hunter is fascinating but more  a gimmick than anything really.

The brothers  use some temporal tricks to work together and stop the God's evil ways.  A warning by the dying Chronos tells the Winchesters that their future will be covered in thick black ooze. No kidding Chronos, tell us something we don't know!!!

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