Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Karen Gillan traveling alone - she's single, guys!

Have boyfriend, will travel?
In real life, "Dr. Who" actress Karen Gillan apparently is looking for a new, well, companion. According to multiple sources, the actress recently spoke in the past tense about her relationship with photographer and longtime boyfriend Patrick Green.

Gillan, 24, was promoting her new TV project, "We'll Take Manhattan," about a model's love affair with a photographer when she was asked if her six-year relationship with Green is similar. Digital Spy quoted Radio Times as saying she responded:
"We never really did any of that. It's quite healthy to keep certain things separate in a relationship, I think."
That's good enough for the Internet, including The Sun and other sources, to conclude that the woman who plays Amy Pond is once again searching for her Rory.

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  1. Very interesting seeing as Matt Smith is also now free and single.