Saturday, January 28, 2012

Space: 1999 - Aftershock And Awe

Writer(s): Andrew E. C. Gaska
Artist(s): Gray Morrow, David Hueso, Miki
Introduction: John Kenneth Muir
Editor: Paul Morrissey
Additional Contributors: Erik Matthews, Nicola Cuti, Nina Kester

160pp Hardcover

Based on the events portrayed in the SPACE:1999 pilot episode “BREAKAWAY” by Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, George Bellak, and Christopher Penfold.

A retro-reintroduction to science fiction’s lost gothic space odyssey! 


The sci-fi classic series returns!

In an alternate universe where JFK was never assassinated, mankind has already suffered through World War III, unified into a single world government, and built a base on the moon by the year 1999!

September 13th: 1999 – An atomic accident causes the moon to be blown out of orbit and hurled into the unknown, the survivors of the lunar base stationed there launched towards their destiny across the stars. But what of the cataclysm and wanton destruction caused to the Earth in its wake?

This groundbreaking retro-reintroduction to the sci-fi hit series from the early 1970s begins with AFTERSHOCK, which follows nine lives who are forever changed by the carnage left in the moon’s wake. Told from the point of view of those left behind on a ravaged Earth, AFTERSHOCK explores the scientific, environmental, and social political repercussions of a world left with no moon.

The story continues in AWE, which adapts the pilot episode of SPACE: 1999 “Breakaway”, as seen through the personal logs of Commander John Koenig and Professor Victor Bergman on Moonbase Alpha -- expanded to include both new and unfilmed material, and utilizing the remastered art of comics legend Gray Morrow as a basis for this revolutionary retelling of a sci-fi classic.

Based on the classic science fiction television series SPACE: 1999 – and set in the continuity of the original series, AFTERSHOCK AND AWE steals a glimpse at an alternate history of mankind, and jump-starts humanity’s eventual destiny far out in space.

Source: BLAM! Ventures

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Fall 2012 release of Graphic Novel is planned but digital comics in the works for this summer!!

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