Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SHADO NEWS - Information about Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Related Projects - April 2015 - Thunderbirds Are Go TV Series

By Ken Parker

It's official. Thunderbirds Are Go TV series will debut on April 4 in the U.K. Saturday, 5pm on ITV. New Zealand gets the show a week later on the 12th.

More Thunderbirds Are Go coverage plus -
Terrahawks, the original Thunderbirds, A Christmas Miracle and The Last Station after the break

The promo machine for the series is in full swing with examples here.

The first episode will air at 5pm on ITV but the rest of the series will air on ITV and CITV at 8am on Saturday mornings. I cringe at the thought that the show won't be treated with the respect and get the ratings it potentially could get with a prime time airing. I am reminded of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, an excellent show, buried in Saturday morning 10 years ago.

Terrahawks Are Go! - The Thunderbirds Are Go TV series is not the only thing going on in April. Big Finish is releasing their first Terrahawks audio adventure. Some of the original cast are back for an audio renewal of the Gerry Anderson TV series that came out in 1983.

The audio series is available on CD and download.


Here are a couple of teaser trailers for the audio series.

There is also a free episode available for download.


Terrahawks in Japan - Speaking of Terrahawks, here is a Japanese version of the opening and end title sequence. While the opening is basically redubbed, the end credits are original and very weird!


Many of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson productions also were shown in Japan and here are a few examples of their opening credits. Excuse the quality........yes, I mean the video quality, not the production quality and songs, although....


A Christmas Miracle - as mentioned last month, Gerry's son, Jamie, is working on another unfinished project of his father, a feature length movie called A Christmas Miracle.  Below is come concept art.


Thunderbirds on Blu-ray - The U.S. is coming out with the original TV series on Blu-ray.  Presented in it's original perspective and in high definition, the 32 hour long series will be out on June 9.


Thunderbirds Soundtrack - Fanderson is coming out with a 4 disc set featuring music from the original TV series.  As with any Fanderson product, they are sold for members only.


And finally, Happy Birthday (belated) to Sylvia Anderson!!! She has been really busy providing a voice for the new Thunderbirds Are Go TV series as well as working on her project, The Last Station.

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