Thursday, June 18, 2015

Doctor Who - More Doctor Who and Sherlock SDCC Exclusives

Titans Merchandise has revealed tons of Doctor Who and Sherlock merchandise for SDCC.  If your luck enough to be going have fun picking out what you want to buy.

Doctor Who TITANS:
4.5" 10th Doctor Tuxedo

Very Limited Stock - $20.00
This 4.5" TITAN figure features the 10th Doctor,
as played by David Tennant, all dressed up in his tuxedo!

Doctor Who TITANS:
3" 10th Doctor Fez

Very Limited Stock - $15.00
"That's a time fissure! A tear in the fabric of reality!
Anything could happen! For instance... a fez?" 
From the 50th Anniversary Special 'The Day Of The Doctor' comes the 10th Doctor, played by the returning David Tennant,
wearing the 11th Doctor's trademark Fez!

Sherlock TITANS:
3" Sherlock Priest Disguise

Very Limited Stock - $15.00
From the episode 'A Scandal In Belgravia', this 3" Vinyl Figure features the legendary detective in his priest disguise!

TITANS Also Available!
All 3" TITANS $15.00

T-Shirts Also Available!
All T-shirts $20.00

Mugs Also Available!
All Mugs $10.00

Credit Card Wallets 
Also Available!
All Wallets $5.00

Maxi-Busts Also Available!
All Busts $70.00

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