Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC 2012 Thursday

NYCC on Thursday was a little laid back.  The show floor was only open to 4 day, VIP, Pro's and press.  I liked the smaller crowed atmosphere of the Thursday hours which were shorter since the show opened at 3PM and closed up around 10PM.  Most of the talent was there except for a majority of the celebrities so Thursday was a good day to talk to the comic book industry talent and to get your books signed with out the hassle of the big crowds which will be coming Friday when the show is open to all.   This year crowds will be interesting as there isn't any tickets to be had as NYCC is completely sold out.  So enjoy some of the pictures I took yesterday while the convention was not to crowded.

TARDIS Lady and  Dalek
Doctor Who Statues


Action Comics Artist Tony Daniel

Mark Bagley

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman

Chris Claremont

Wonder Woman Writer Brian Azzarello 

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments 

Scarlet Witch

Scott Snyder Batman Writer and New Superman Scribe

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