Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spend Halloween With Kurt Lobo and @KneelDowne


I have met some fantastic writers. Some have contributed to my work, or articles, some have talked to me for hours about there inspirations and there character driven narrative, but this Halloween will be different.

Author Kneel Downe is handing over his creation, his pride and joy, his wolf spliced detective Kurt Lobo, to you...

From 8 pm on Wednesday the 31st of October you will be writing Lobo in 140 character Tweets. You will decide his actions, and thoughts...

Kneel will judge the best ones through the night and prizes will be given out to those whose Tweets light up the mind of us all...

Prizes will include signed copies of VIRULENTBLURB:FRACTURES, copies of the Kurt Lobo scripts, and more wonderment from the universe that brings you Kurt Lobo.

Kneel can be contacted on Twitter through @KneelDowne but if you are interested in Kneel's world and his work and would like to arrange meetings, interviews, book signings and the like, please contact Steve or Daniel on team@dreamcageagency.com

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