Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Dwarf X - Fathers and Suns A review by @cheezypeas

Am I the only one on this planet who misses Holly like crazy?

May I introduce the new Red Dwarf Computer; Pree:

Pree is clearly a Visage fan!
Holly come back, all is forgiven!

Lister has toothache but instead of getting it fixed he does the sensible thing and gets drunk. As he is his own father he films himself drunk so his sober 'son' can make something of himself. As he knows sober 'son' Lister will rebel his 'father' resigns himself from the Space Corps overnight, resulting in him being ejected out into space. With me so far?

The gang really aren't getting on with the new ships computer, she's almost like a gothic version of Queeg. She's smart, sassy....and so logically insane she decides to plot a course for Red Dwarf to drive into the nearest sun and prevents the crew from getting near her controls to shut her down. Luckily she didn't bank on Lister (who's Jet pack gets him back on board) registering his 'son' as an extra crew member with the medical computer so as he was the only registered crew member on board and as he is his son (Yep, still confused?) he has permission to shut her down and save the day!

 I think overall it was a good idea for the writers to play around again with the ships computer. Although Pree was easy on the eye I felt she really didn't get much screen time compared to Queeg to really develop her character more. I would love however, to see Holly return back to his/her rightful place.

I liked the episode bringing back the slightly confusing concept of Lister being his own father, which is a nice bit of continuity from the seventh series episode Ouroboros. Looking into the characters backgrounds in more depth is something Doug Naylor was very keen to introduce into this series, and by injecting a good quantity of the now famous Red Dwarf humour to the mix helps make any tragic past somewhat hilarious.

The team are certainly getting back into the swing of things with their on screen banter getting stronger with each scene. I liked the Music when they were in danger as it was so similar to a Doctor Who score, I couldn't help but smile as they were subtly making fun of it! So overall another good episode. Next week; Romans and Jesus! 

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