Friday, March 28, 2014

Doctor Who - Mark Gatiss To Write Two Doctor Who Episodes

Mark Gatiss has been quoted as saying that he will be writing two epiosdes for Doctor Who Series 8.  But then retracted on Twitter by saying it might be one in series 8 and one in series 9.  Mark Gatiss is one of a few who has written for all 4 of the new series Doctor's (along with Steven Moffat) and has penned lots of Doctor Who novels during the New Adventure and Past Doctor range.  His stories have been hit or miss but for the most part have been entertaining.   Here is a quote that has been making the rounds about writing for Peter Capaldi.

Peter has a very different energy to Matt Smith and to David Tennant. He's older which changes everything ... it's amazing what a change does! Matt was sublime and I was very sorry to see him go, but it's also great to have a change, as it has always been with the Doctor.

Source: Doctor Who News Page, Digital Spy

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