Friday, March 7, 2014

Doctor Who - The Web of Fear DVD Review

The Web of Fear one of the two missing stories that was recovered by Philip Morris has finally gotten its DVD release.  I order mine for the UK because I can not wait for the North American release and, well, I don't like hooking my laptop to the TV every time I want to watch the iTunes version.  That's right I double dipped and will probably triple dip when they reveal that episode three has been found later this year or next year. But anyway onto the review.  I loved the story and it is slowly becoming a favorite of mine and definitely one of my favorite Patrick Troughton stories.  If you want a more detailed review of the story you can check out the review we did when it was released on iTunes here.

Now for the extras. Well there are none sadly as this DVD is a bare bones release.  But do not let that prevent you from buying it as about 15000 fans have already bought this DVDv in the first week and they did not mind the lack of extras.  But I am a bit disappointed that there is not a commentary track at least on this release or the press conference from October announcing the return the of this story and The Enemy of the World as that would have been interesting to see.  I am also disappointed that episode three is still the recon.  I n fact it is the same one from the iTunes release and they did not try to make it better.  In fact I have seen some fans do it better especially from Loose Canon.  In fact it is not even animated and considering how long it took to release it from the October announcement I would have thought the might have done something better with episode three. The only extra this DVD boasts is a now available trailer for The Enemy of the World.

Anyway The Web of Fear in an excellent story and worth purchasing this release if you are only interested in the story like myself.  If you want extras then I suggest you wait and hope BBC Worldwide releases a special edition somewhere down the line.  

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