Monday, September 29, 2014

Doctor Who - Maggie Stables Companion To the 6th Doctor Has Passed Away

Sad news in the world of Doctor Who as Maggie Stables who played Evelyn Smythe in the Big Finish 6th Doctor Adventures died in her sleep on September 26th.  Evelyne Smythe was the first new companion created by Big Finish and it was no doubt the best one they have created.  Her chemistry with Colin Baker was superb and the two of them together created the best duo for the Colin Baker adventures.  I really liked her character of Evelyne Smyth and enjoyed all the stories she was in. I was saddened of her characters death as I am right now for Maggie's passing as a lot of her stories were some of my favorite from Big Finish.  Below is two links one for the tribute from Big Finish and another a list of her Doctor Who credits.


  1. I only followed the Big Finish adventures for a few years but her character was terrific. It was so refreshing to see an older companion just as it is to see an 'older' Doctor in the series

    1. Yes. She was a terrific companion and helped bring out the best in Colin Baker.

    2. Just like Clara does with 12....:)