Wednesday, May 7, 2014

C.O.W.L. enthusiasm soars

The world’s first superhero labor union already stealing the hearts of critics and top comics industry creators

Join Kyle Higgins (Batman, Nightwing), Alec Siegel (Captain America,Avengers), and Rod Reis (Justice League) in their all-new ongoing Image Comics series C.O.W.L., set in 1960s Chicago. In C.O.W.L., a labor union of superheroes must work together to regain the confidence of the public and ferret out threats inside and outside their offices… and the comics industry can’t stop buzzing with excitement.
Praise for C.O.W.L.:
"Part crime drama, part Chicago history, part superhero epic, Higgins and company have crafted something truly special with C.O.W.L. A refreshingly original debut with scope, mythology, and terrific characters." —Scott Snyder, Batman, WYTCHES
“Gorgeous stuff. Keep an eye out for this one.” —Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ms. Marvel and PRETTY DEADLY
Rod Reis is doing an amazing modern riff on Sienkiewicz's painted stuff. Really excited to see where he takes it over the next few issues! —Chris Burnham, Batman Incorporated
“A 'why didn't I think of that?' idea… Compelling/fun/sinister. If Clifford Odets wrote Watchmen, this is what you'd get!” —Marc Andreyko, Batwoman
Mad Men with capes. C.O.W.L isn’t just a compelling Superhero comic, it’s an authentic American story. Higgins and Siegel offer up engaging, sometimes hardboiled characters that Rod Reis paints with aplomb. Definitely a creative team to watch! " —Brian Buccellato, Detective Comics
“Cool.” —Greg Capullo, Batman

“Great period-set superhero noir, with atmospheric Noto/Sienkiewicz hybrid artwork.” —Declan Shalvey, Moon Knight

"Check out COWL #1 by Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, & Rod Reis. Cool noir take on what happens to a superhero union when there's no more villains. Dug it." —Nick Dragotta, East of West
“Really great. And pretty as hell, to boot.” —Bryan Q. Miller, Smallville
“A styling first issue with a ton of brains.” —Joshua Fialkov, The Bunker
“Great.” —Gerry Duggan, Deadpool

Mad Men with superheroes. Highly recommended.” —Christos Gage, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
“Despite its ‘real-world’ premise and period setting, C.O.W.L. is not a Watchmen cover version, offering a decidedly less dour tone and honest-to-god superhero adventure blended deftly with its dramatic take on city politics. Sometimes it’s even really funny. Finally, C.O.W.L. bucks the origin fetish of the superhero genre by introducing us to its intriguing cast not at the start of their sagas, but at what might be the end.” —Andy Khouri, Comics Alliance
This is just the beginning, with a Reddit AMA scheduled for 5/29, national press coverage, local Chicago and LA press, and widespread coverage in comic and entertainment blogs to come!

C.O.W.L. #1 releases 5/28

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