Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the one you've been dreading... The "Death of a Renegade" is finally here... And we weren't playing around when we said that this would be the most devastating Valiant story you read this year!

Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry finally drop their long-brewing bombshell on Peter Stanchek and the Renegades this week in Harbinger #23 – and the result is a story that everyone is incredibly proud of. HOWEVER, given the incredibly spoilerific nature of this issue and the scale of the ramifications it will have on all the Valiant line in the near future you'll have to read it to find out.

Also hitting on Wednesday, Peter Milligan and Valentine de Landro continue to plot Jack Boniface's descent into a meat grinder of his own design in Shadowman: End Times #2 (of 3)! As you might have guessed, things are going to change drastically for Jack over the next 12 months and these next two issues will be the catalyst. Plus: Master Darque is back! Or is he...

Both titles go on sale Wednesday, May 28th. 


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