Monday, December 17, 2012

New BBC Red Button Special For Doctor Who and Madame Vastra

The BBC announced that there will be a special red button adventure for Doctor Who starring Madame Vastra. It will be available from Thursday December 20 to Saturday December 22 2012.  So a nice little mini adventure to get you primed for the Christmas Special. Details below.

"The Doctor returns to BBC One on Christmas Day - and Red Button viewers can get ready for this year's festive adventure by watching a mini-episode.
 Madame Vastra, accompanied by her loyal companions Jenny and Strax, is called upon to investigate a Victorian murder mystery. But where is the Doctor?
Available on Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:
Thur 20 Dec, 7.30pm-8.55pm, 10.30pm-6am
Fri 21 Dec, 9pm-6am
Sat 22 Dec, 6pm-6.30pm, 7.55pm-8.50pm, 10.05pm-1.25am"

Source: Life Doctor Who Combom

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