Monday, December 17, 2012

Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus Review

Voyage to Venus was that prototypical Doctor Who story where you have a one race of humans or aliens that are more superior than the others and suppress them or vice versa. Well think along the lines of The Silurian’s that classic story from the Pertwee era.  This story was similar in vein to that but instead of reptiles it is male and female who inhabitants the planet Venus and it’s the female’s that are the dominate species on the planet.

I really enjoyed listening to Jago and Lightfoot, from Talons of Weing- Chiang, again and found them to be quite an excellent duo and pairing them up with the 6th Doctor to be very entertaining.  It was interesting to get their perspective of an alien planet especially with their Victorian way of thinking and how they adapted to the different situations.  But really the true highlight was how the three main characters interacted with each other.

The story for the most part was entertaining even though it was predictable.  You knew how it was going to turn out except you didn’t know the path they took to get to that conclusion.  Which on a whole was the fun part and a nice enjoyable romp through the jungles of Venus.  Looking forward to listening to the next adventure for Jago, Lightfoot and The 6Th Doctor in Voyage to the New World.

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