Friday, December 5, 2014

Doctor Who - The Underwater Menace: The On Again Off Again On Again DVD Release Update

Fear not Zaroff old chap. It looks like our DVD might finally see the light of day.

The mystery of the last Doctor Who DVD to be released has taken another turn.  It appears to be back to being released and this time with the missing episodes one and four to be animated.   Yes animated. You know the same animation that was cancelled earlier this year now seems to be back on again.  This has been a weird release which had a trailer made for it and put on The Moonbase DVD. So fans will be able to own episode two which was found back in 2011 and this will see the release of the only classic episode that hasn't been released at all. Airlock which was found with episode two of The Underwater Menace is on The Aztecs Special edition DVD.  Here is the official statement from BBC Worldwide.
We hope to release ‘The Underwater Menace’ in 2015. We delayed the release to ensure that our publishing schedule is phased appropriately across the year and the episodes will be animated.
Notice they say hope. Hope to release in 2015.  With all the twists and turns this release has been given so far I file this one under I'll believe it when I see it.

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