Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sporadic By @KneelDowne Review

By Kneel Downe

The fifth book by Kneel Downe is a bit different from the last couple of books he has released. While The Jackport Killer was a straight on story set in the Virulent Blurb universe Sporadic is a collection of stories set in that same realm.  What Kneel has collected here is a collection of his ideas and short stories that have helped create the universe in which he writes in.  The collection is more or less his notebook of ideas that he started to write down and which have not gone anywhere or have not fitted in with the stories he has written already.  Some of which are good and some of which are really good.

There is a lot of good stuff in Sporadic.  I liked a majority of the book and I believe there is something for everyone to read and enjoy.  The short stories are just that, short, which is not really a bad thing as it leaves space for more goodness.  What is pretty cool about Sporadic is that you get to see another side of the Blurbverse and what Kneel is experimenting with to see if it will fit with his vision.  What makes Sporadic good and enticing is that if you were ever hesitant about buying any of Kneel’s books before this collection of stories is a good introduction to his style of Twitter writing which has become his trademark and you can get a feel of what it is all about without being bogged down or lost with continuity from the other books.   So if you have an itch to try it out then grab Sporadic and start reading.

With that said there were three stories that really stood out for me.   Not to say the other stories were bad but these three were my favorite.  Seconds of Forever is a story that came about as a challenge. The challenge was to write a tweet for every second of twenty three minutes.  What is in Sporadic is the early form of that challenge and the story is quite interesting as it jumps around the different seconds of the twenty three minutes.  Hopefully he gets to finish the story and that we get to see it in its tidy and finished form.  But what is presented here so far is pretty good.  

Future Shadows is a short story that is tagged on at the end as an Easter Egg.  It is pretty good and gives us a hint of what is to come.   I’m intrigued by Amelia’s Shadow and what it has to do with Amelia and the other inhabitants of the Blurb.  I guess we will have to wait to find out.  My favorite story in the book is The Prince, The King and the Witch.  To me this was the best story in the whole book.  It was a creepy but fun story to read that had some really good moments both funny and sad.  It would be pretty cool to see this section of stories expanded upon and hopefully we see more of this tragic character.  I liked The Clown Prince and hope he makes a return either in a Blurb book or in his own.

Sporadic is quite the collection of stories that are entertaining and fun to read.  I had fun reading them and can’t wait for the next book to be released.  
Grade A- 

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