Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Or What Do You Want On Our Banner?

I have been working on the next few monthly banners for our blog site and was hoping that you guys would help by picking out who or what you would like to see on the banner in the upcoming months.  We might be changing the format at the end of the year and we already have a November banner completed so we are looking for ideas over the next few months.

Often the characters in our banner have some relevance for the month they appear in.  They might be from a movie or TV show coming out soon or one that has an anniversary.  In the past we have covered Star Wars, Star Trek, etc but is there a series or movie that we have neglected?  Just comment below on some ideas and we will try to use as many as we can.  Thanks for your input!!


  1. This whole year we have been celebrating Doctor Who with a Doctor a month. Our 6th month is up next with the 6th Doctor!!

  2. All the Clones from Orphan Black, Red 2, Jason Statham, Female Comic Book Characters.