Monday, September 30, 2013

Lost in Space on Blu-ray?

Lost in Space is getting the HD treatment.  Like any series originally made on film, transferring the original film to an HD format is possible and now Lost in Space joins the group of other series to go this route including Star Trek, Twilight Zone and Space:1999.

No official word as of yet but this HD test shows off the high quality that can be experienced for all 85 episodes.

The debate, as usual is whether to release the format in the original 1.33.1 aspect or the 1.78.1 "widescreen" aspect.  While the widescreen will fit in today's TV format and will give you a little bit more off the side of the screen, it will cut off a bit of the top and bottom as seen in this video above.  In theory the widescreen will work but often these shows used the 1.33:1 aspect to frame shots so you might see lights, cables and the edge of the set.  One suspects that these errors would be adjusted so they don't show in the new format but you will not be seeing the show as it was originally intended.  Star Trek did the right thing and had the 1.33:1 format preserved with its release.

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  1. Release in the original 1.33.1 aspect ratio. AND remaster so that the cuts from various scenes in each episode of season 1 are restored.