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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Top 5 Christopher Eccleston Stories

Top 5 Christopher Eccleston Stories

So here we are with the Ninth Doctor and his top 5 stories.  Since he does not have a lot of stories because he decided to quit after the first series I’ve decided to do his five best stories.  This list was easy as there were five that really stood out and well the others were just mediocre.  So here are the stories I think are the best of the Christopher Eccleston era.  

5. The Unquiet Dead
Written By Mark Gatiss
Directed By Euros Lyn
Why It’s In The Top 5:
It is the first story to feel like a classic Doctor Who story since the show has come back.  You have a character from history in Charles Dickens that is integral in helping The Doctor defeat the Gelph.  It’s a pretty cool story that builds on the classic Christmas story by Charles Dickens and gives it a Doctor Who spin.  Plus it takes place at Christmas and that doesn’t happen much in Doctor Who till then. Well after that’s another story.

4. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
Written By Russell T. Davies
Directed By Joe Ahearne
Why It’s In The Top 5:
Regeneration.  As soon as Christopher Eccleston’s era began it ended with a battle with the Daleks.   The return of the Emperor  Dalek for the first time since Evil of the Daleks.  We see Christopher Eccleston giving one of his best performances in the series and a glimpse of what could have been.  We get the identity of The Bad Wolf as it was revealed to be Rose and we learn that she was the one that left the messages through space and time once she had the power of the vortex.   An emotional story and a chance for the new fans to experience The Doctor regenerating for the first time in the new series.

3. Father’s Day
Written By Paul Cornell
Directed By Joe Ahearne
Why It’s In The Top 5:
It is a different type of story that hasn’t been done in Doctor Who before or since.  We have Rose changing history and saving her father from being killed by a car.  We see Rose getting a second chance to get to know her father briefly while being barricaded in the church while the Reepers are attacking. It is an emotional story that has a sad ending and for once The Doctor doesn’t save the day as he actually dies in this story if only briefly.

2. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Written By Steven Moffat
Directed By James Hawes
Why It’s In The Top 5:
One word Creepy.  This story brought back the behind the sofa scariness to Doctor Who.  If The Unquiet Dead felt like a classic story then this one definitely fits the mold of a classic story.  It is Steven Moffat’s first Doctor Who story and it is a really good one.   How can you not be freaked out by that little kid in the gas mask.  Going around saying are you my mummy and wearing that mask is enough to send kids behind the sofa in fright.   It is a classic story set during the blitz of World War 2 and it also introduces us to that popular character Captain Jack.

1. Dalek
Written By Robert Shearman
Directed By Joe Ahearne
Why It’s In The Top 5:
Dalek is one of the best if not the best Dalek stories of all time.  This story reintroduces the Daleks back into the new series of Doctor Who but with a different twist. Here you have a Dalek who is alone and is the last of the Daleks.  What happens is that he gets corrupted by Rose’s DNA and starts to act like a human.  He shows emotions and when you watch the scene when the sunlight hits his mutant form you could see him show emotion of delight of what he sees.   We also see a different side of The Doctor.  An aggressive side where he is bent on killing that last Dalek.  It takes a few words from Rose to snap him out of it and see what he is doing.   It is an all around great story and is head and shoulder above the rest of the stories in Christopher Eccleston’s era and one of the best in the new series period.

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  1. Dalek and Father's Day are my two favorite episodes. He could have been one of the greatest Doctors but he was in at the wrong time.