Monday, November 11, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Top 50 Doctor Who Stories 30 to 21

So here we are getting closer to the final ten stories.  Only twenty more to go after this list so go and see if your favorites made it on this section of the top 50.  Sorry for the delay I know I said I would post this on Sunday but I was recovering from the awesome time I had at L. I. Who and simply just forgot.  Hopefully I won't forget next Sunday for Twenty to Eleven.

30. Human Nature/ The Family of Blood
Written by Paul Cornell 
Directed by Charles Palmer 
Why it’s in the top 50:

Another fan wank story for the fans as this story was adapted from Paul Cornell’s book Human Nature.  It is a love story that unfortunately does not have a happy ending for both involved. A  really clever story that explores what happens if The Doctor becomes human with a new identity and no recollection of his past Time Lord self.  It was great to see the scarecrows walking around and terrorizing the school plus seeing the Doctor in the school teacher getup with the machine gun was very reminiscent of the books cover.  Plus this is one of David Tennant’s best performances as the Doctor if not the best.  Human Nature/The Family of Blood is a clever story that had not been attempted before and works on so many levels. 

29.  The Daleks 
Written By Terry Nation 
Directed By Richard Martin & Christopher Barry 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
Well it is the first appearance of The Doctor’s greatest enemies The Daleks.  It more or less got the phenomenon of Doctor Who started as the popularity of The Daleks took off and was an immediate success and money maker.  Plus it is the first time The Doctor goes to the future and to an alien planet.  It just sets up a whole series of wonderful stories and meetings between The Doctor and The Daleks.  With out this story there would be no 50th Anniversary and that is why it is so special.

28. School Reunion 
Written by Toby Whithouse 
Directed by James Hawes 
Why it’s in the top 50:
School Reunion gives us the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 for the first time since the Five Doctors.  The death and resurrection of K9 was a sad and happy sequence of events.  The best scene visually is when Sarah Jane sees the TARDIS for the first time and then the camera pans around and there is the Doctor standing in the shadows.   The Doctor saying goodbye (for now) to Sarah Jane in the closing moments was really heartfelt and a touching moment for classic Who fans.  Plus how classic was the cat fight between Rose and Sarah Jane and the classic line “The Loch Ness Monster”.  School Reunion is just a classic and fun story to watch and it was good to see Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane again and to see her get a spin off show from this appearance also. 

27. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances 
Written By Steven Moffat 
Directed By James Hawes 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
One word Creepy.  This story brought back the behind the sofa scariness to Doctor Who.  If The Unquiet Dead felt like a classic story then this one definitely fits the mold of a classic story.  It is Steven Moffat’s first Doctor Who story and it is a really good one.   How can you not be freaked out by that little kid in the gas mask.  Going around saying are you my mummy and wearing that mask is enough to send kids behind the sofa in fright.   It is a classic story set during the blitz of World War 2 and it also introduces us to that popular character Captain Jack.

26. Pyramids of Mars 
Written By Stephen Harris 
Directed By Paddy Russell 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
This is one of my favorites ever since I saw it as a kid.  I just love the whole Egyptology of the story and especially the mummies that wreak havoc throughout the story.  Robert Holmes wrote this one under an alias and you can tell just by how everything fits into place and the whole Gothic feel to it..  It’s a really good Sarah Jane story as she actually fires a gun and helps save The Doctor also.  Plus it is cool seeing The Doctor solving the puzzles in the temple on Mars.

25. Revelation of the Daleks 
Written By Eric Saward 
Directed By Graeme Harper 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
It is one of the best Davros stories in a long time.  The Daleks are seen mainly in the background and do not have a big presence until the last half of episode 2.  Revelation of the Daleks has some pretty interesting characters in it which make watching this story even more enjoyable.  Davros has come up with a pretty good scheme using people to make a new breed of Daleks while using the dead bodies as food protein to help stave off the famine in that part of the universe.   It is also one of the best performances by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.  You can really see their chemistry gel and it is too bad that they were not able to continue longer. 

24. The Doctor’s Wife 
Written By Neil Gaiman 
Directed By Richard Clark 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
 It is a heartfelt story between The Doctor and his TARDIS whose soul is trapped in the body of Idris.  We also get to see Amy and Rory go through hell inside the TARDIS corridors by House who has taken over the TARDIS and is messing with time torturing Amy by aging Rory and yet again killing him.  Matt Smith gives us one of his great performances and none was better than when he was able to talk to his TARDIS in Idris body before she died.  That scene was so powerful and emotional and is one of the best in Doctor Who ever.  Just seeing him getting so emotional talking to her before she left Idris body was so heartfelt.  Just a brilliant story that helped a season that was lacking in emotion.

23. The Girl in the Fireplace 
Written By Steven Moffat 
Directed by Euros Lyn 
Why it’s in the top 50:
Again it’s written by the guy who is the show runner for the Matt Smith era and his best stories are in the Tennant era.  The Girl in the Fireplace is another classic monster story with some of the neatest looking robots ever. The Clockwork robots are just magnificent to look at and just really great in the detail.  Plus look at their costumes truly one that they took great pains to look awesome.  The Girl in the Fireplace is love story with a sad ending as every time The Doctor came back to see Reinette she was older and then sadly she was no more.  The ending was truly one of the sadder ones in the shows history.  It is an all along perfect story with another of David Tennants great performances.

22.  The Tenth Planet 
Written By Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis 
Directed By Derek Martinus 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
Well it’s pretty obvious why this one is on the list.  Not only does it herald the Cybermen for the first time but it also is the first time that The Doctor regenerates.  A truly historic story as we say goodbye to William Hartnell and welcome Patrick Troughton.  Plus it is also a really good story and a good way to introduce the Doctors second most popular and deadly enemy.  Just look at the historical aspect of The Tenth Planet.  The Producers were so bold to replace the actor to keep the show going by doing the regeneration.  Good thing they did or else the show would have ended and well no 50th anniversary.

21. The Name of The Doctor 
Written By Steven Moffat 
Directed By Saul Metzstein 
Why It’s In The Top 50:
The big finale that caused quite a stir before it aired.  First fans were worried we would finally know the Doctor’s real name.  Most fans err scratch that most fans did not want to know The Doctor’s name at all.  It was a pretty good gimmick to get people to watch the series finale.  The other controversy was that it was released on DVD and Blu Ray early by a computer error at BBC America Shop.  Luckily the story was not spoiled on Social Network at all.  It was clearly a minor miracle in itself. The Name of The Doctor wrapped up the series with the Great Intelligence trying to rewrite The Doctor’s timeline.  Everything he ever did every win against the most foul villains erased from happening.  We also find out the answer to who is Clara and why she was a Dalek in Asylum and in the 1800’s and in 2013.  What got me really jazzed about this story is that we got to see the 1st Doctor leave Gallifrey for the first time and also we had every Doctor in it also as Clara went back in his timeline.  But more importantly it gave is a cliffhanger that leads into the 50th Anniversary with John Hurt being introduced as The Doctor.


  1. Agree that all these are up there - not sure The Name of the Doctor needs to be that high

  2. I agree with all of them 5DRWHO, but it's a tie between "The Doctor's Wife" and "The Daleks" for me.