Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Doctor Who - Cover and Synopsis For 12th Doctor Issue 11

A stand alone story for the 12th Doctor and Clara is out today.  Issue 12 starts a new 4 part story that will take the series to the end of series 1.  Out now at comic book stores.

George Mann – novelist behind the New York Times bestselling Doctor Who: Engines of War and the Newbury and Hobbes series – joins the ongoing Twelfth Doctor series for an extremely special

Mariano Laclaustra joins him in his first solo outing!

Fresh from their adventures in Las Vegas, the Doctor and Clara are eager for a change of scenery, but their next destination aboard the TARDIS will prove a SHOCKING change of pace!

And coming up next issue: post-event, the Twelfth Doctor's first year in comics concludes, with the return of a cosmic foe and a four-part epic climax to our first year by Robbie Morrison, Daniel Indro and Slamet Mujiono!

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