Friday, September 11, 2015

Marvel Vs. DC - Fall TV, Zach Snyder, Wonder Woman and Spielberg

By Ken Parker

A fairly busy period for Marvel and DC.  With the fall season almost upon us and studios getting geared up for 2016 and beyond, there seems to be a lot going on.  As always we look at some of the conflicts between Marvel and DC but let's begin with some rumors.

Wonder Woman in WW2 - A rumor is out there that states that Wonder Woman will take place in World War 2, just as she did in the original comic.  This is not that big of a deal but obvious comparisons to the Captain America - First Avenger movie will happen.  I would have to imagine that less of the movie will be World War 2 and more of the present day.  Filming begins in November - finally!  The movie is slated for 2017 but Gal Gadot will make her debut as the character in Batman Vs. Superman next year.

Batman vs. a little bit of Superman - Reports are circulating that Batman will be featured more than Superman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie.  I guess you can tell that from the trailer.  I would expect Batman and Bruce Wayne to be the center of most of this and I think that will work. Another rumor around is that General Zod's appearance in the movie will be different.  How different?  Broken neck perhaps?  Not sure where this rumor comes from but we might be hearing about flashbacks or like any good super villain, he will be back from the dead!

Who will have a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?  Well, the studios have put a hold on any rumors on who might be in it.  After the Hulk rumors were denied it would appear that any information cameos will be kept under wraps from now on. The movie is slated for 2017

DC Characters to Guest Star - Not really rumor but more real news - Red Tornado is to appear in Supergirl and Constantine will appear in Arrow.  Constantine will be played by Matt Ryan, who portrayed him in NBC's now canceled series from last year.

Steven Spielberg has stated that Super Hero movies will go the way of Westerns and he is right.  All movie genre's come and go.  Many have their time and then fade away, only to return years later. This ebbing and flowing interest is based on lots of different factors.  Musicals and Westerns have sort of vanished from popularity with the occasional exception every year.  Some movies hold on a lot longer.  Coming from a non superhero movie maker, I feel Spielberg is a bit miffed at the success but it will definitely burn out at some point - it is all about when.

I would have to imagine that the flooding of the market over the next few years will test the resilience of the genre and if people start to tire of these movies then the rug will eventually be pulled out from underneath it.

Super hero movies are also popular when people need a hero.  When times are bad often that is when hero movies are needed.

Zach Snyder Vs. Marvel - Snyder recently stated that the DC movies like Batman Vs. Superman are more in depth and epic and not as bubblegum like Marvel movies have been lately.In response to Spielberg's comment about super hero movies, Snyder said -
Ant-Man gives a thumbs up to something not related to Zach Snyder
But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?”

Again, coming from an accomplished film maker who is rocking it with a slew of popular and critically acclaimed Batman and Superman films, I would listen up but....NO.....

Who's going to clean up that mess, not me!
Christopher Nolan made Batman popular for the latest generation.  Man of Steel was a gallant attempt that some say fell short on may levels.  Until Zach can prove it on the screen, he really has no right in bashing the Marvel films.  There does seem to be a growing group of people who dislike the Marvel films, stating that some of them like Iron Man 2, 3 and Thor 2 were terrible.  Really?  Were they bad compared to the original?  I have even found someone defending Fantastic Four over the Marvel Cinematic universe.

I think there is a structure in the Marvel universe that does come off as being a cookie cutter of itself. There is a sameness to it but that formula is working right now and I would imagine that things will slowly mutate as time goes on in keeping it fresh.  I also hope that the DC films over up a different tone and feel and I think that is what Snyder means.  Not to say that the DC films will be better, just different and that both will exist and both will have their fans.

The latest changes with Marvel production and Disney point to potentially a change in the way things are done.  This could be good or bad or both.  It would be smart for them to stay fresh but don't change too much too fast.

Legends of Tomorrow - Hawkman and Hawkgirl are shown in this promo photo.  This series won't debut until January but expect heavy promotion during the fall season.

Speaking of the fall season, it is all but upon us and lots of promos are streaming the net.  Here are a few.

The Flash Season 2 Trailer -

Arrow Season 4 Trailer -

Agent's of SHIELD Season 3 Trailer -

Jessica Jones - The next Marvel Netflix series is unveiled on Netflix on November 20 and I can't wait.

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