Thursday, September 10, 2015

Doctor Who - BBC America To Show Classic Tom Baker Stories

It appears that BBC America might be showing some Classic Doctor Who stories from the Tom Baker era.  If you go to the BBC America schedule page you will see the stories that they will be showing starting on Sunday and going to as far as Wednesday.  The stories are and times are:

Genesis of the Daleks (Sunday, 09/20 @ 9:00am)

The Seeds of Doom (Sunday, 09/20 @ 12:00pm)

Terror of the Zygons (Monday 09/21 @ 10:00am)

Pyramids of Mars (Tuesday, 09/22 @ 10:00am)

The Hand of Fear (Wednesday, 09/23 @ 10:00am)

The Brain of Morbius (Thursday, 09/24 @ 10:00am)

The Robots of Death (Friday, 09/25 @ 10:00am)

So this is good news for fans of the classic series and the 4th Doctor. To keep up with which stories and times visit the BBC America Schedule page.

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  1. I will be curious if they show these in the proper picture ratio. Most people are accustomed to a wide screen image and when they see the black bars on the side, they lose their minds. If the image is widescreen but zoomed in you will lose picture and if it is stretched, it will look... well stretched. Whatever condition, I hope new fans will take a look at some of these classics. All of them are top notch!