Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Synopsis For Doctor Who Destiny Of The Doctor - Enemy Aliens

This month's story continues with the 8th Doctor and his Big Finish companion Charley as we get closer to to the finish and wonder what mysterious message the 11th Doctor will leave this time.  It is available at the Big Finish website.


1935: a message from a Time Lord in trouble sends the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard to the streets of London’s West End, in search of a mysterious alien adversary – unaware that something monstrous is already on their trail.

They soon discover that an insidious conspiracy is indeed at work, its tentacles extending the length of the British Isles. Proving its existence won’t be easy, however, after a confrontation in a music hall ends up with the Doctor under arrest and Charley on the run, suspected of murder. All their hopes rest in a musical clue and a man named Hilary – neither of which are much consolation, with the two time travellers the object of a nationwide manhunt.

And all the while, the enemy aliens are drawing closer and closer still…

Written By: Alan Barnes
Directed By: John Ainsworth

India Fisher (Charley Pollard), Michael Maloney (Hilary)

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