Saturday, December 14, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Mid Season TV Report

By Ken Parker

American Horror Story: Coven (FX- Wednesdays)

Initial Thoughts - I really like the idea of a series that is completely different each season but retains many of the same performers on an ongoing basis. This season's American Horror Story is about witches and covens in the present day. Factions of witches, witch hunters and a variety of characters make for an interesting mix.

The Plot – young witches being trained seemed to be the direction initially but once we saw the whole picture and a fair amount of deaths and resurrections, it was harder to lock down where this show was going. The finale sort of points the way with more information about the witch hunters and gives us a good idea where the rest of the season is going.

The Highlights – a great cast all around. Perhaps too many deaths as it is obvious that everyone can be brought back, no matter how dead. Kathy Bates is superb as the horrible Delphine. It is great to see some of these performers from previous seasons and Jessica Lange continues to impress.

What's Next? - Witches team up to battle the hunters. Interesting to see these new alliances and see if they can hold up for more than a day. The series does seem to have a lot of forgiving and such which is either character development or lack of character identity. The series only has a few more episodes to go, starting up again on January 8 and ending on January 29th. The ratings have been good and the 4th season has been green lighted.

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