Thursday, December 19, 2013

Doctor Who - Ian Levine Recovers Episodes In Taiwan (Sadly Ones We Already Have)

Doctor Who Superfan and Episode Hunter Ian Levine has recovered some Doctor Who episodes in Taiwan.  He was hoping that it was stuff that was missing like The Space Pirates bu it ended up being episodes that have already been recovered.  What he found was all from Patrick Troughton's last season which aired in 1969.  The stories from season six that he found was The Dominators 2 and 3, The Seeds Of Death 2, and The War Games 1 and 2. 

What makes this discovery unique was that they were sold to the American Forces Television during the Vietnam War.  This information has never been reported before in any of the publications on missing episodes and hopefully this is a new avenue in which missing episodes of Doctor Who or any other British program can be found.  So lets stay hopeful that Ian Levine or any other episode hunter can find some missing episodes.  Plus a big thank you to Ian Levine for his continued effort in trying to recover missing episodes of Doctor Who.

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