Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doctor Who Revisited - The Third Doctor

Spearhead From Space will air as part of BBC America's Doctor Who celebration.  Starting at 8pm on March 31 there will be a Third Doctor documentary followed by the debut story of the Third Doctor - The Spearhead From Space which is the first episode to feature the Autons, companion Liz Shaw and the UNIT team as regulars.  It is also the first Doctor Who episode in color and stars Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.

It is also the only story produced entirely on film!

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  1. Totally cool. I'm looking forward to the documentary, since it was an interesting time in Who history. BTW I'm in the Blog Blitz too. Looks like fun. I'm surprised when Google said reader isn't used much. I use it every day! Anyway Feedly is the front runner for me too. BTW
    Join us for Star Wars March Madness!