Sunday, March 31, 2013

Orphan Black - Natural Selection Review (Some Spoilers)

Orphan Black
Natural Selection
Review by Ken Parker

BBC America has been doing a pretty good job delivering some top notch 'original' programming of late with Copper, Ripper Street and now Orphan Black. The show is filmed in Canada (as are most good sci-fi series it seems) and is about a woman, Sarah, who witnesses the suicide of a woman who happens to look just like her. Sarah is desperate and needs money so she steals the dead woman's purse and eventually her identity but soon cannot get away of the intrigue involved with the dead woman's life. It gets even more complicated when Sarah comes face to face with yet another look a like.

Some Spoilers.....

Tatiana Maslany stars as Sarah/Beth/etc and plays the part of a woman trying to get back her daughter and start fresh. She is looking to sell some drugs she stole but is soon given an opportunity to score lots more money with her new identity, Beth. The plan seems to work initially but one thing leads to another and soon she is in deeper than she can imagine. Sarah attempts to pretend to be Beth in order to take out money from a bank account but Beth's boyfriend, Beth's job and a mysterious caller delay her plan. Things get worse when she discovers that Beth was somehow connected with several other women who all look the same. Clones? Sarah is not sure yet but one can imagine she will learn more as time goes on. Sarah has switched identities with Beth and soon everyone believes Sarah is dead but unfortunately so does her young daughter.
The idea is intriguing and actress Maslany seems capable of pulling it off. Her depiction of Sarah trying to act like Beth is amusing and certainly shows off some acting skill. The rest of the cast is okay and only time well tell if they gel with the story and Maslany. The mystery will no doubt keep viewers interested. The series is a bit of a contrast to Doctor Who, which airs right before it. Orphan Black has the swearing and nudity that British TV aimed toward adults has and I applaud BBC America for not editing it down, at least not the first showing.

With a total of 10 episodes this first season, I see no reason NOT to invest in watching the entire season.  

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