Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Adventure in Space and Time - Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary High Point

by Ken Parker

While I am looking forward to "The Day of the Doctor", I am only doing so in case it is better than I am expecting it to be.  What I am REALLY looking forward to is "An Adventure in Space and Time" which is a docu drama covering the earliest days of Doctor Who.  One of the reasons I am looking forward to it is the level of detail that the production appears to be undertaking.  Look below at some of the photos -

Love the design of the posters

So that is where they got the idea!

Can't wait to see this scene.

Love the attention to detail

This is from the un-aired pilot as seen below

Anyhow, I think the special is perfectly cast and the test will be how they perform.  I would love to see more of this type of thing - wouldn't it have been great to see this first Doctor and Susan team up with the 11th Doctor, Clara and perhaps an older Susan or Ian instead of this John Hurt "Day of the Doctor" garbage!!?

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