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NYCC '13 Sunday

R2 - D2

Sunday is here and it is the final day of NYCC'13.  So far it has been a blast and generally for me Sunday is a day I leave early and head home.  In past years the booth signings and panels were of topics or talent I am not a fan of or haven't heard of.  It is also kids day and lots of the activities are geared towards children and that is a pretty cool thing as it is important to get children into reading comic books and science fiction and fantasy books to help keep the genre going.  Plus it is really cool seeing all the children dressed up as Batman, Spider- Man and Wonder Woman walking around the convention.  With that all said this year I did not leave early on Sunday as there was something very important to do later on in the afternoon.

Don't Blink
To start off Sunday is a day I go around Artist Alley and get the signatures of those I have missed the previous days.  As it turned out I forgot to get two books signed and was able to do so on Sunday as artist alley was not crowded Sunday morning as most of the fans were on the main floor or at the DC Comics head guy Dan Didio's morning conversation which I really don't care to listen to because lot of the fans questions are quite negative and it just gets plain nasty at times.  Anyway I was able to get Talon writer and one of the guys writing the Batman Weekly, Batman Eternal coming out in April, book James Tynion IV to sign a Batman Hard cover which I realize I didn't have him sign when I was getting Scott Snyders autograph.  Speaking of Scott Snyder he was doing a 10AM signing at DC signing area and well lets just say that was interesting.   I also was able to get Kyle Higgins who writes Nightwing also.  He was a last minute guest and I was able to get one more signature for the Batman hardcover.

Greg Cappulo & Scott Snyder The Batman Team

On both Saturday and Sunday Scott Snyder and Greg Cappulo were signing at 10AM and it was first come first served and a capped line.  Saturday I skipped it for Doctor Who but on Sunday I joined in on the running of the bulls to get in line.  Luckily enough for me I was lined up at artist alley an hour early so did not have to run with my knee that needs surgery and was successful in getting in line before it was capped.  If you asked me DC Comic should have handed out wrist bands to those waiting in line to enter artist alley to avoid the wave of chaos of fanboys and girls running through artist alley. 

10 and 9
Since the Doctor Who panel wasn't until 2:45PM I had some time to kill. So I decided to be the aimless wanderer walking around the convention and taking in the sights that I might have not noticed while concentrating on other things.  I came across a Doctor Who meetup of Doctor Who cosplayers.  This was pretty cool as I have not seen so many Doctor Who cosplayers in one place before.  I'm sure this will be outdone at LIWho next month but the sight was fantastic.  It wasn't just new series characters but there was quite a few of classics also.  It was a sight to see and gave me a good feeling seeing so many fans having a good time and coming together because of Doctor Who.

1/4 of the attendance of Dr Who Cosplayers
The main reason for Sunday was The Doctor Who Big Finish Panel With Jason Haigh - Ellery, voice of the Daleks Nick Briggs and the 6th Doctor himself Colin Baker.  This was a blast as before the panel the two DJ's who played music and did stuff to keep the fans in the Main Stage entertained between panels.  This was pretty cool as they did a Doctor Who Cosplay parade.  This was really cool as the fans watched the cosplayers march around the room.  What was cool was that a kid dressed up as the original Omega which was pretty funny to see amongst the New Who characters.  They also got the fans in attendance to do the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I did not do any dancing. 

Nick Briggs, Jason Haigh - Ellery and Colin Baker
The panel was top much.  The questions were pretty good and Colin Baker was ever the showman and made the panel extremely interesting and very entertaining. Nick Briggs was interesting also and some of his stories he told was extremely funny and interesting including the relationship with Big Finish and Russel T. Davies and how he got the job as voice of the Daleks. I had a blast watching it and it was truly one of the highlights of the weekend and made the wait worth it 100%. 

NYCC'13 was a blast and I had a really good time the four days I spent at NYCC in New York City.  It was fun, frustrating and extremely tiring but in the end it was all worth it because it was a boat load of fun.  I am now counting down the days till next years NYCC which will be October 9 - 12 2014. 

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